We offer three unique overseas expeditions each is a vastly different experience offering opportunities to travel to new locations. The expeditions provided through PUTNEY Student Travel are focused on high school students and seek to ignite an excitement about the world in young adults. Each PUTNEY trip is managed by two experienced leaders who are expert guides and have a genuine love for what they do. Rapid Action also runs specialised explorations for the Sussex Wing branch of the RAF Air Training Cadets. 

National Geographic

Beginning in the city centre of Christchurch the 18 day National Geographic Photography Expedition traverses the South Island of New Zealand through Hamner Springs, Wanaka, Oamaru and the West Coast. Designed for high school students this trip involves some truly unique experiences such as Blackwater Rafting through glow worm caves, a helicopter flight over the Southern Alps and a guided hike on the Tasman Glacier. One of a kind photographic opportunities such as views of the iconic Wanaka Tree, the perfect reflections provided by Lake Matheson and sunrise at the Moraki Boulders are not to be missed. We also provide opportunity to engage in cultural pursuits such as sheep shearing, riding refurbished penny farthing bikes, participating in a traditional Maori hungi and and trekking through the mountains on horse back.  Students will also get the opportunity to learn skills from our National Geographic expert photographer and videographger Ulla Lohmann. 


The 32 day journey through the South Pacific begins in the tropical paradise of Fiji, explores the rugged wilderness of the South Island of New Zealand, sails through the Whitsunday Islands and concludes in the outback of Australia. An experience like no other, this trip goes beyond the typical tourist destinations and instead allows students to explore and engage with the cultures of the South Pacific through unique and exciting experiences such as scuba diving in coral reefs in Fiji, dancing the haka with Maori Warriors and skiing in New Zealand and visit iconic Australian locations such as the Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo and the monolithic Ularu. Students spend several days staying with framing families in the mountains of New Zealand and will be entertained with unique local activities such as sheep shearing, quad and mountain biking and horse back riding. The program is physically active, challenging and seeks to broaden the students understanding of the world. 

Rapid Action has engaged in multiple expeditions with the Sussex Wing Branch of the RAF Air Training Cadets to exotic locations such as Peru, Ecuador and the Yukon. The South American trips involve Alpaca treks through the Andes, explorations to the reed island villages of the Ura people on Lake Titicaca in Peru and horse trekking and a visit to the Equator line in Ecuador. These trips combine physical activitiy with cultural exploration to provide the most well rounded experience of South America  possible. In 2016 Rapid Action took its first expedition to the Yukon. An immense undertaking, the expedition lasted 15 days and involved a 369 km self sufficient paddle in open canoes from Quiet Lake in Whitehorse to Carmacks near the Arctic Circle. The cadets traversed rapids, sharp bends, underwater boulders and waterfalls and encountered native wildlife such as bears, moose and salmon along the way. This expedition encourages the virtues of self management, teamwork and hard labour to produce experiences that will last a lifetime. 

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